Founder’s Profile

MIDROC Ethiopia and a number of its Group Companies are owned by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi, Chairman of MIDROC Ethiopia. He is well known and reputed for his dedications and commitments and the decisions he makes to contribute to the development of the Ethiopian economy and improve the living standards of the people at large

In 1997, current owner Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi added ELICO to the list of his investments in Ethiopia, his homeland (the billionaire is based in Saudi Arabia some of the time too, and his ambition is to see a prosperous Ethiopia).  After he bought the factories, he invested a lot of money to upgrade the factories..

As a visionary leader of his companies, the owner is mainly involved in various economic and social infrastructures. Among these companies, Ethio-Leather Industry Private Limited Company (ELICO) was established in August 1997 with a total registered capital of Ethiopian Birr 51,705,000 (USD 7,673,640). EICO is currently employed a total capital of Birr 239,082,417.

Due to the founder’s reserved efforts and supports, ELICO has now become a pioneer in the production and export of finished leather products which put Ethiopia in the international markets of finished leather producers and exporters. Following these footsteps and with the aim of further value additions, ELICO is presently engaged in the manufacturing of high value leather products such as leather garments, leather articles and leather shoes for women and men with a continuous support of the owner of this company.