ELICO has adopted modern management systems: participatory management system, where defined roles, responsibilities and accountability of the management are clearly stated, hence establishing a clear picture of how each role can affect quality and the overall success of the Company.  The Company has therefore, established a new structure with defined roles and responsibility for the three manufacturing plants.
ELICO has three management levels described as Top, Middle, and Lower management levels. The Top Management is composed of the General Manager, Department Managers, and Plant Managers. The Middle Management teams are the Division Managers in each manufacturing Plant, and the Lower Management teams are; those of Line Managers in each Manufacturing Plant.

The workers are also made to be part of the decision making processes, their ideas are heard up to top management level.  There is a regular meeting of management and workers known as a    Green Park Meeting.  The meeting is held in an open space of the green parks available in each Manufacturing Plant.

Ambassador Brook Debebe Agidew General Manager.jpg

 Mr. Gizaw Molla
Manager, Planning and MIS Department

 Mr. Yared Yilma
Manager, Finance Department

 Mr. Solomon Yimer
Manager, Administration & Human Resource Department

 Mr. Tadele Asrat
Manager, Sales & Marketing Department

 Mr. Alemayehu Zewuge
Manager, Procurement Department

Mr. Kidanu Chekol
Senior Technical Advisor

Mr. Melkeneh Alemayehu
Senior Advisor

Mr. Assefa Wodajo
Technical Advisor

 Mr. Yeshiwas Tadesse
Manager, Awash Tannery


 Mr. Daniel Akalu
Manager, Abyssinia Tannery

 Mr.Mohamed seid , Universal Leather Products Factory

 Mr. Tamirat Kitaw
Manager, Fontanina Shoe Factory