Historical Background

The three leather manufacturing units; Awash Tannery, Abyssinia Tannery, Universal Leather Products Factory of ELICO were established in different time and situation as a separate entity. A 54 years old tannery factory called Awash Tannery was established in 1957 as Darmar Tannery by the brainchild of Armenian tanners who had fled to Ethiopia after World War II and won the approval of Emperor Haile Selassie I, who presided over the official opening ceremony; commemorative plaque still has a pride of place at the entrance to one of the main production units. Political developments led to the expulsion of the Armenian owners in 1975 and the tannery was nationalized including  the other tannery called Abyssinia and Universal Leather Products Factory were nationalized to the state; as part of nationalization during the Socialist Derg Regime. The state owned and ran the facilities until the 1990s when the military government was overthrown.

Ethio-Leather Industry PLC (ELICO) was established in August 1999 as the leather manufacturing wing of MIDROC Ethiopia. ELICO was established as a corporate body to manage the three factories. It is now a leading company in the leather industry that takes various initiatives to produce value added export oriented high-quality and world-class leather products acceptable to the international leather market.

As stated above ELICO is the corporate body which manages all the three different leather companies, which is, now treated as a production division (manufacturing plants) with their own offices. ELICO has its own main office to execute and control the overall activities and services of these manufacturing plants and provides easier one-stop services to its customers.