Philosophy and Values

In order to maximize our market share and the production of world-class high quality leather products, the where, how, when, which, whom (the ’WH’) golden matrixes of questions should be stated/answered at the very beginning; so as to do and rush for the clearly defined plan and goals. Therefore, in considering  these issues, ELICO, had adopted and applied a very clear of company’s vision, mission, objectives, guiding principles, and core values; which all are related to the production processes, employees, customers and the environment. And these factors are the very reasons of behind the scene for the success story of ELICO, which helped maintain and/or expanding its competency level up on the international leather market arena.

So as to classify philosophies and values of our company, we’ would like to describe those issues further.

Become a highly competitive and most preferable world-class, branded and high-quality leather producing company.


  • Ensure customers’ satisfaction through the provision of highest quality leather products with reliable service delivery.
  • Improve, implement and adopt best systems of resource management and enhance effective business operation through planned measurement and continued improvement of the Company.
  • Enhance employees’ productivity through building capacity motivating and supporting theme for better professionalism.
  • Adopt environment friendly production process with a better environment management system to maintain a healthier environment free from industrial pollution.    


  • Diversify mix of leather products and expand international and local market horizons
  • Ensure customers’ confidence and loyalty, through compliance of customers’ requirement by maintaining consistent relationship
  • Promote and build the image of the Company both domestically and internationally
  • Adopt advanced strategy to clearly articulate time specific action plans related to market, profitability, access, production etc. with measurable performance indicators
  • Sustain highly competitive position with expanding prospects in the leather industry
  • Support raw material suppliers to build their capacity either technically or financially, so as to better utilize the immense potential of Ethiopia for raw hide and skins
  • Provide job opportunities and develop employees’ skills and capacities through training and education
  • Participate in the country’s GTP program and accomplish target
  • Operate in a socially responsible manner and practice corporate social responsibility 



A defined system of communication is applied between top, middle & lower management and the workers. Therefore, each and every issue related to the management, workers, production, process and customer care or about the company is generally being informed to all.
Creating and sustaining shared values or fairness among the workers, and integrating the work processes of all manufacturing plants is very crucial for industries like ELICO. Therefore, inspiring and encouraging about the team work, team spirit, cohesiveness, and making a bond for the same mission of ELICO is expected from either the workers or management team of its leather manufacturing plants.
The Company in general and each worker in particular is responsible about every action related to quality product, production processes, environmental issues, and customer care issues. In doing so, the adopted system helped the identification of processes, procedures, and work instructions plays very important role to maximize quality and efficiency.
Customer care
Compliance to customer requirement is systematically done which includes determination and evaluation of the requirements. If so, customer confidence is gained due to the company’s commitment and dedication to handle those customer’s through a star standard service delivering methods.
 A non deviation interaction with statutory and regular requirements is one of our core values to respect and comply with it. Therefore a smooth relationship with those legal procedures and laws are highly maintained by our company.
Dedication to Quality
 So as to keep our dedication and commitment to insure the quality of our leather products, we adopted a continuous improvement processes and quality consistency mechanisms. And hence, the following results are gained;

    • Processes identified and their interaction is defined.
    • Processes flow charts are developed.
    • Standard working recipe is designed and change is controlled.
    • Work instructions availed for each worker to standardize the process.
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance has been put in place.