Guiding Principles

The guiding principle are those issues which can be viewed as the reflection of ELICO‘s non-changeable stands towards the efficiency and effectiveness of its employees, the improvement of the production processes, better environment concerned business and the empowerment of its nearby community.

In this regard, the Company had been implemented quality and environmental management system phase by phase by preparing a separate documentation for the system. Therefore, has implemented the ISO 9001 based quality management system and ISO 14001 based environmental management system. And these systems provide a platform to define roles and guiding principles to discharge the responsibilities of each core processes.

Generally, the guiding principles are developed from the quality and environmental management policy standards, which states the commitment of the company’s management to:-

  • Create customer satisfaction;
  • Keep the environment from the pollution;
  • Bring continual improvement;
  • Establish strong communication with the stakeholders;
  • Comply with legal and other statutory requirements;
  • Improve resource management as well as enhancing employee’s participation;

It also helped/contributed the company to have effective business operations, as well as, the effectiveness of the system, consistency of the operation and a planed measurement within the system for the continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The following are the major guiding principles to be discussed more on the issues;

On Production Process Improvement

Our guiding principle for the improvement of the production process is the ISO 9001 quality standard guild line. This certification enables  the company to manufacture the high-quality leather products which in turn maximize the efficiency, consistency and dedication of the Company for the quality issues with increasing customers’ confidence and trust.

On Employees Regard

Defined roles and responsibility, accountability, packages of training systems, and a clear picture of how the employees’ roles could affect quality and the overall success of the company is made to be available, which all workers are satisfied and motivated to contribute their share for the issue.

Awareness and training packages have been set as a standard practice and culture in our Company, so as to increase employees’ competence level and skill is developed within this framework.

An open and transparent internal communications tools are strengthening and promoting workers’ involvement in various activities, including in decision making issues, like, the green park meeting.

On Customer Satisfaction

Compliance to customer requirement is systematically established, including the determination and evaluation of requirements. The system also helped for the identification of the processes, procedures, and work instructions, which become very important so as to maximize customers’ confidence and satisfaction.

On Environment Friendly

ELICO had already developed a guiding principle on environmental policy, in considering that, all the influence on the environment shall be dealt properly, to safeguard our environment from the complex consequences. In addition to that, the company has taken a firm stand to take an appropriate measure to realize its business objective without compromising environmental regulations and damaging the ecosystems that guarantee sustainability.