Process Improvement

The environment policy is slated by the company that describes the commitment of    the company to protect the environment. Therefore, the environmental matters became an integral part of the unit businesses. Generally, with the implementation of a cleaner production options that mainly focus on the reduction of a risky activities to the environment at the environment at the source; the following activities are practiced with in our company.

  • Salt de-dusting is practiced prior to loading wet-salted material to reduce salinity in the soaking liquor.
  • Enzymes used in soaking,
  • Enzymes assisted un-haring is implemented,
  • Hair shaving operation used in un-haring operation.
  • Ammonia free de liming and aqueous degreasing is practiced.
  • Vegetable tanning is used where applicable,
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals were used for post tanning processes.
  • Water based top coats are being used
  • Evaluation of compliance to legal and other applicable requirements were done and objectives, targets and programs were formulated for those that the units couldn’t fulfill.
  • Environmental aspects with their corresponding environmental impact identified qualitatively and quantitatively that finally helped the units to determine significant environmental aspects and develop environmental programs.
  • Water based top coats are being used.
  • Solid waste management system is improved.

There are also spontaneous projects undertaken by ELICO and these are;

  • The construction of primary treatment plant projects for Awash and Abyssinia leather plants.
  • The company encourages the conversion bi-products into other useful products.