Process Innovation

By giving prior consideration for the improvement of the production processes, ELICO has undertaken different innovative strategies which include the most advanced and the latest technology supported machines and the adoption of the best and innovative ideas for the improvement of the production processes which brought about the following major outcomes.
After having reviewed its production process, the Company the following major upgrading the production process are put in place:-

  • Processes are identified and their interactions are defined
  • Process flow charts are developed
  • Standard working procedures are designed and are checked
  • Instructions availed for each worker to standardize the process
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance is put in place
  • Process monitoring, evaluation and measurement practice is established
  • Self-checking mechanisms, internal audit and management reviews about all the results and all revised procedures have been analyzed which helped the Company identify unacceptable performance and potential ideas for improvement.  These adjustments have quantified and demonstrated observable effects in the production process and product quality, thereby improving the Company’s image and contribute to building up the management system