Solid Waste Management System

Soil/land pollution are the rest of hazardous waste generated from leather manufacturing process where not environmentally friendly, rather, they produce substantial pollution effect on the surrounding area. Therefore considering the long term impact of this pollution that could not be reversed easily, the solid waste management system has been installed in all units to insure the collection, transportation and the disposal of soil waste was done scientifically.

The solid waste management related to the bi-products has been taken place in the following way;

  • Recovered hair from sheepskins is sold for blanket or garment manufacturing industries.
  • Lime flesh split and drained limed trimmings are sold for glue manufactures.
  • Raw trimmings are disposed of landfill.
  • Chrome shavings are compressed and deposed to the landfill.
  • Dewatered sludges from effluent treatment are deposed to the landfill.