Research and Development

In each manufacturing plants of there has been a research and development department which works on the adoption of new technological advances up on the process, marketing strategies and customizing up to date customer expectations.

1. In Quality Assurance and Consistency
Data collection is done on foe all QMS processes to use the data analysis for decision making. This includes mentoring and measurement of processes, product, customer satisfaction data, and supplier’s performance data and so on. This approach helped the company to assure the consistency of and to take appropriate corrective and preventive actions too.

2.    In Customer Requirement
Indentifying, measuring and developing a quality leather product based on the analysis of the requirement of customers; either in type, design, texture, color or the like issues.

3.    In Production Process Optimization
It also works on product modifications, new product development, and ways of innovative best production processes focusing on optimization of resources.