Fontanina Shoe Factory

This company is installed and established in 2013 within the compound of Awash Tannery, through an estimated investment capital of ETB 84.8 Million, so as to produce men’s and ladies shoes for the international and domestic market.

The factory has currently employed the most up-to-date technologies available for the production of shoes of cemented construction, in conformity to the envisaged quality of leather shoes to be produced by the factory in the near future. The type of shoe construction determines the techniques of the shoe making (lasting and bottoming) and all other operations (insoles, counters, toe puffs, heels) are automatically tied to this as is also with the machinery.

The use of thermoplastic cement which could be directly applied by the lasting machineries and thermoplastic coated counters and toe puffs has now totally replaced poly-urethene, neoprene, and all other previous generations of cement types in the shoe industry. And hence, Fontanina Shoe Factory has already deployed all the necessary production materials and technologies with qualified experts to meet the standards of the most up-to-date and advanced shoe manufacturing industry.

Production Capacity of Fontanina Shoe Factory

The factory is established with facilities for the production of 1,000 pairs of leather shoes per day, with the production of 500 pairs of each category (for men’s and ladies’). The total annual production capacity of Fontanina Shoe Factory will be 300,000 pairs of shoes.