Bovine Hides Manufacturing

Bovine manufacture comprises of three drum loads of 4,000 kg weight per day, each with 350-400 pieces. A one day dirt and main soak is followed by a one day hair burn process. After fleshing and lime splitting to 4.0mm, the hides are de-limed/bated pickled and tanned in a day operation.      This manufacture is supported by other wet-blue purchase from within Ethiopia.

After grading and shaving to substance, the dyeing loads are weighted, normally being 800kg in weight. After sam-setting, the pieces are part dried by vacuum drier, trimmed, hang-dried on an over-head conveyor, conditioned as necessary, vibration staked then vacuum dried to flatten.

After crust selection, the sides are finished using two roller coating machines with drying cabinets, two double-headed spraying machines, three ram presses and a polishing machine. There is surplus finishing capacity within this bovine plant, and this is used for finishing small skins as required.