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Production Capacity of Abyssinia Tannery

The production capacity for Abyssinia tannery is targeted to have an annual increment of 15%/year and its current actual production capacity is indicated hereunder.


Production category

Per day

Per year


Production capacity of goat skins

2,333 pcs or
9,915 sq ft

700,000 pcs or
2.9 Million sq ft


Production capacity of sheep hides

2,500 pcs
10,625 sq ft

750,000 pcs or
3.19 Million sq ft



~5,000 pcs or
21,250 sq ft

1.45 Million pcs or
6.17 Million sq ft

Production Capacity of Awash Tannery

The production capacity for Awash Tanning Division has been categorized in to two sections. These are the production capacity for hides and the production capacity for skins.


Production category

Per day

Per year



Production capacity for hides

1050 Pcs or

26,250 Sq.ft

315,000 Pcs or

7,875,000 Sq.ft


Production capacity for skins

8,000 Pcs or 34,000Sq.ft

2,400,000Pcs or 10.2m/Sq.ft

Production Capacity of Fontanina Shoe Factory

The factory is established with facilities for the production of 1,000 pairs of leather shoes per day, with the production of 500 pairs of each category (for men’s and ladies’). The total annual production capacity of Fontanina Shoe Factory will be 300,000 pairs of shoes.