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His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Mohammed H. Ali Al Amoudi, a frontline private investor in the country determined to improve the living standard of the people of Ethiopia. In his unfaltering commitment to invest in strategic projects, he added Ethio- Leather Industry Plc (ELICO) In 1997 to the list of his Group of Investment Companies in Ethiopia Ethio-Leather Industry Plc (ELICO) was established in August 1997 with a total registered capital of Birr 51,705,000 (USD 7,673,640). It is the prominent leather industry to produce finished  sheepskin and goatskin leather in Ethiopia and has provided about 1,200 employment opportunities, 47% of  whom are women including 861st & 2nd degree graduates and 122 semi professionals.
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“Striving for exceptional Excellence” in finished leather & Leather products is our guiding principle for keeping our customers at the front. To satisfy the customer interest, products should be produced keeping in conformity with the quality, respecting of delivery time, update itself with the ever growing and changing fashion is the utmost important.
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The four leather and leather products manufacturing units; Awash Tannery, Abyssinia Tannery, Fontenina shoe, Universal Leather Products Factory of ELICO were established in different time and situation as a separate entity.
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Abyssinia Tannery
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