About Us


His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Mohammed H. Ali Al Amoudi, a frontline private investor in the country determined to improve the living standard of the people of Ethiopia. In his unfaltering commitment to invest in strategic projects, he added Ethio- Leather Industry Plc. (ELICO) in 1997 to the list of his Group of Investment Companies in Ethiopia.

Ethio-Leather Industry Plc. (ELICO) was established in August 1997 with a total registered capital of Birr 51,705,000 (USD 7,673,640). It was established as a corporate body to manage the three privatized factories Namely Awash Tannery Factory, Abyssinia Tannery Factory & Universal Leather Products Factory (ULPF) and the latest constructed Fontanina shoe factory. It is now a leading company in the leather industry that takes various initiatives to produce value added export oriented high-quality and world-class leather products acceptable to the international leather market.It has provided about 1,200 employment opportunities, 47% of whom are women including 86 1st& 2nd degree graduates and 122 semiprofessionals.

The Owner’s Visionary Message

“I have set the ambitious goals for a sustainable development of Ethiopia through my Group Companies and thus plan to expand investment activities in sectors where the potential of our country’s natural resources are sustainably exploitable. The synergy of employment generation for Ethiopians and wealth creation in the Country is my driving force. My investment activities will also introduce transfer of newer technologies which will greatly benefit the nation to attain international competitiveness. My Investment Group Companies and all those working in the Companies believe and are determined that by working with the government, other private operators and citizens, we will make a change and a difference to our country”.

The vision of ELICO is to become a highly competitive and most preferable world-class and branded leather producing company.




The Mission of ELICO is production & marketing of environmentally sustainable high quality finished leather & leather products for export & local markets to satisfy stakeholders involved in.



Core Values
  • Commitment for Customer satisfaction
  • Commitment for Integrity, Transparency & Team work
  • Commitment for productivity and competence, the realization of Corporate Social Responsibility & for Good Governance.


Historical Background

The three leather manufacturing units; Awash Tannery, Abyssinia Tannery, Universal Leather Products Factory of ELICO were established in different time and situation as a separate entity. A 61 years old tannery factory called Awash Tannery was established in 1957 as Darmar Tannery by the brainchild of Armenian tanners who had fled to Ethiopia after World War II and won the approval of Emperor Haile Selassie I, who presided over the official opening ceremony; commemorative plaque still has a pride of place at the entrance to one of the main production units. Political developments led to the expulsion of the Armenian owners in 1975 and the tannery was nationalized including  the other tannery called Abyssinia and Universal Leather Products Factory were nationalized to the state; as part of nationalization during the Socialist Derg Regime. The state owned and ran the facilities until the 1990s when the military government was overthrown.


ELICO first won ISO accreditation in 2004 and its underlying principles of transparency and shared information feature is strongly become in the company’s culture. This also applies to its purchasing strategy.

All three manufacturing units have established ISO 9001 Quality Management System.The main structure of the system is based on the following working parameters:

  • Document and record control procedures.
  • Management responsibility.
  • Resource management.
  • Product realization.
  • Product measurement, analysis and improvement.
  • Work instructions and standard formats.

In particular, process formulations, work instructions and standards are located at the point of process or operation with visual instruction as required. There is also recording and feedback concerning the accuracy and acceptability of machine operation from on-going inspections.

  • There is also an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

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