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ELICO has built the most sophisticated and a high-tech Biological Effluent Treatment Plant at a cost of over 28 million Birr at its “Abyssinia Tannery” in 2016.
Building the unprecedented treatment plant, the management of ELICO reflected its commitment and recognition to the value of environmental protection and that it should abide by relevant regulations and law of the land regarding with environmental protection.
600 m3
M3 Discharge of waste water per day
25 m3
M3 Recycle of chrome per day

Facts about the treatment plant

  • This new effluent treatment plant is modern that contains chrome recovery, biological treatment and sludge treatment parts. The treatment capacity of the plant is 600 M3 discharge of waste water per day and can recycle 25 M3 of chrome per day in the other distinctive line.
  • The waste treatment passes through screening, oxidation, sedimentation, sludge thickening and pressing operations. These subsequent operations have its own purpose and hence enable the tannery to discharge wastes that can meet the requirement set by the legislative authorities.
  • The liquors from chrome recovery plant passes through screening, neutralization/ sedimentation, and acidification process.
  • Other than reducing the impact of chrome release to the environment the company can reduce the cost of production by recycling the wasted chrome during the tanning operations.
  • Integrated efforts to reduce the waste before it created as well as managing it properly after the waste is generated can help the tannery to play its role in protecting our environment from pollution which in turn can create sustainable market for the company.
The same technology also under construction at  Awash Tannery, one of the biggest tanneries in Ethiopia with a total cost of Birr 18 Million. The plant has additional territory treatment facility with daily capacity of discharging 1200 M3 of waste water per day  and recycling of 55 M3 of  chrome par day.

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